Music production and home recording has been something I’ve been involved with since playing guitar in indie bands back in my late teens in high school, leading to me picking up my first Tascam four-track Portastudio in the late nineties. It was never really something on which I spent a huge amount of time until three things happened: 1, my little brother started an audio technology course; 2, we got a copy of Cubase for our home computer; and, 3, I discovered deep house music.

Since then, music production has been a big part of my life, with a couple of quiet spells due to work and travel. It’s certainly something in which I’ve invested a lot of time and money over the years. I’ve bought and sold a lot of gear,and gone from cassette to computer, to hard disk and back to computer again, from racks of outboard and a hardware mixer to in-the-box-mixing to a hybrid setup, from PC to Mac to PC to PC and Mac; the list goes on…

I’ve seen the internet emerge to really give unsigned home producers a chance to get their music out there and completely redefine what the music industry actually is and how it works. I’ve sold CDs in the Netherlands and downloads in North America, but it’s always been secondary to my full-time job; I never quite had the guts to go for it 100%.

I love music, virtually all genres. Listening, djing and producing is a great release for me, and a nice Soundcloud comment or seeing a few more people have downloaded your latest track makes it all worthwhile.

Peace, fc.
DJ Booking:

You can also find me on SoundCloud and Beatport DJs.


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