I enjoy all aspects of music, from listening to it, producing it, putting records on one after the other without a break (sometimes even with the kicks hitting at the same time), and getting the chance to hear new music and getting the chance to be, even if only slightly, involved in the creative process!

One thing I’ve had a chance to enjoy is the opportunity to try and master other people’s tracks. I get to enjoy the technical and artistic engineering challenge, while getting to discover new music. While I admit I do not have the gear of a professional mastering studio, I do listen to a lot of music and think I have a reasonable ear; and, as I said in the mastering posts in the blog, sometimes a second pair of ears can make all the difference.

Pay What You Want Mastering

What I’m offering is a chance to try and get your tracks up to commercial loudness, and add that air and gloss if it needs that bit extra. The price for all this? Whatever you think it’s worth. I’m getting to practice my skills and I enjoy that, but a namecheck in the release notes would be nice! If the track goes on to make you a ton of cash, then by all means PayPal me a contribution (I’ll donate 50% of all contributions to Medecins sans Frontieres).

If your interested, get in touch and send me a download link to your file (wave or aiff, at least 44.1 kHz/16 bit; a few dB of headroom would be nice too!). Use the contact form below and leave your details, a download link to your files and feel free to include the names of some tracks for reference.

If you’ve mixed into a buss compressor for some final glue and it’s only working at a dB or 2 of gain reduction, that’s fine, but please remove anything more extreme than that. I’ll see what I can do and send you a download link back. Hopefully I can help out a few people starting out in production who aren’t quite ready to fork out on pro mastering and find some great new tunes into the bargain!

Audio Editing Service

If you are a podcast producer, or occasionally need to work with audio -for example you are in marketing and need to work with a location recording of a trade show interview- you may not have regular access to high-end editing and noise reduction software, and this may impair your ability to achieve the results you want to impress your clients or audience; you may also simply not have enough time to relearn the software on the rare occasions you need to use it! If your audio requires noise removal, format conversion, or simply some tlc to make it sound its best, get in touch with a download link to the file (I use MediaFire for all my file-sharing needs) and I’ll get back to you within 24h.

Relevant gear and plugin list:
MacBook Pro i7
Steinberg Wavelab 7
MOTU 828mk3
Apogee One
Mackie HR624mk2
Beyer-Dynamic DT-880 Pro
Apple ear buds (it’s got to sound good on these, right?)
Universal Acoustics and Auralex acoustic treatment
SPL Vitalizer mk2-T
URS Classic Console Strip 2 Pro
Cytomic’s The Glue
Waves MaxxBass
Waves Kramer Master Tape
Waves L3
Sonnox Inflator
Voxengo Curve Linear Phase EQ
Voxengo Elephant Limiter


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