The First Post…

There are a lot of music blogs around, why should you be spending your time reading this one? Well, first of all, I’m not a pro. I’m not a professional musician/producer/engineer/music writer etc. I’ve never even taken a music technology course; I’m a scientist. Music and production is a hobby for me; perhaps that gives me a different perspective.

I’ll admit, it’s a hobby I take pretty seriously. I enjoy spending time on it, and I’ve certainly spent enough on it over the years! I’ve seen, used and owned my fair share of hardware and software over the last wee while. I’ve sold a few tracks and CDs in my time as well and, while I’ve never had a formal production course, I’ve picked up quite a lot over the last fifteen years from various sources and I hope that at least some of my thoughts and advice might be helpful, or at least interesting! If I don’t know it, then I think I at least know where to go looking for it!

I’m going to try and keep this blog interesting and fairly diverse: a combination of gear reviews, tutorials, new music reviews and my reviews of the classic albums in my collection that have influenced me, as well as my general thoughts and feelings about music technology, production and the industry world; all from the perspective of this enthusiastic hobbyist! Should you be interested, you can check out my tracks here.

So, with that, I’ll leave it for the first post and just wrap up by giving kudos to Benwaa for setting up the free-to-download group on Soundcloud: hopefully this will develop into a great source for free house, techno and edm tracks.

‘Till next time y’all, fc.


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