Deep House Remix Opportunity

I am currently working on a new deep house track, Herd of Elephants, which was started in a well-known Edinburgh coffee shop (I’ll let you work out which one…). I’m looking for a couple of Beatport genre-friendly remixes to make a three track EP, which I’ll try and get released somewhere.

I’d like to try and get submissions in by the end of May, and I’ll pick my two favourites for the release. I still have my Rebeat trial to take advantage of, so it may go through there and hopefully make it to iTunes, Juno Download etc…

Please don’t add too much compression (or any limiting) on the master buss and leave a few dB of headroom for mastering purposes. Upload submissions to Soundcloud and privately share them with me (with downloads enabled).

I look forward to hearing your submissions!

Listen to the original (still a work in progress) here

Download sample pack here


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