Chris Minus- Finding Spaces (Marc Cotterell’s Late Night Mix)

Released at the end of last month on UM Records, this is my choice track from the Finding Spaces EP from Danish producer Chris Minus.

This track, for me, is what deep house is all about. A simple and elegant selection of sounds, a straightforward arrangement, lacking even any real breakdown, and then you have those two filtered chords that are the substance of the track.

With those elements in place, it’s deep house business as usual. The main synth is complemented by a simple humming-like vocal line, which provides just enough interest without becoming obtrusive and dominating the mix.

I really do like this track, it is the perfect example of how, if you pick the right sounds, you don’t need to have overly complicated arrangements and complicated effects trickery to make a track interesting; although there is enough ear candy here to keep things moving along. This should be a staple of bar sets everywhere.


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