Good Ol’ Days (Frank Sebastian Remix)- Alex Deep & Alistair Gillespie

Released at the end of last month on Gooseneck Records, I’ve spent a good amount of time listening to this over the last few weeks, as I wasn’t quite sure whether I was a fan of it or not, or if it would languish at the back of the virtual record box. However, I now have a decision, it’s a grower, and I love it.

At first, I wasn’t sure about that extra kick drum hit at the seventh eighth note in each bar that kicks in (please excuse the pun) from the first bar. I’ve never been a fan of mixing that, it always sounds, to my ears, a bit less than smooth. The acoustic bass elements add an edge of uneasiness as well when in isolation, and uneasiness isn’t something I usually want from my deep house.

Everything changes when the filtered EP chords and vocals come in though, and we’re back in familiar deep house territory. The EP chords are the big switch for this track: when they’re there, you have classic, smooth house music; when they go, you’re back to that harder-edged uneasiness.

All the time though, my foot kept tapping and my head kept nodding, and I suppose you can’t ask for much more than that…

Find it here on Beatport.


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