Tell Me (Instrumental)- Andre Crom

The instrumental version was my pick of the three tracks on this release from Andre Crom, which dropped on the 28th May 2012 on Freerange Records. At a head-noddingly reassuring 120 bpm, it was never going to be a late-night dance floor stomper, but I can’t think of another tune I’ve heard recently that sent me away to another place in my head, a place I would much rather have been…

For some reason, the original vocal mix didn’t quite work for me in the same way. I think perhaps that extra addition to the track just tipped it towards being too prominent and attention-grabbing, whereas the instrumental just gets on and does its job quietly in the background.

Equally suited for late night play in a bar as you escape Britain’s rain-infused summers for the warmth of a drink and a leather sofa or for a nice spot next to a Balearic beach, this one will definitely be getting a lot of play and will be appearing in my next mix…

Take a listen at Beatport.


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