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Four Nights of Late Night Sounds

The plan:

“They say that deadlines focus the mind; foster creativity. Well, let’s see. I get home from work after 7, eat, do the chores that need doing, then it’s time for music. At 6.00 am the next morning, the alarm goes off and we start again.

For four nights in March 2013, I will try to start and finish a song each night and compile it as an EP. I might use this opportunity to head out of my usual style a bit, but there are sure to be some deeper grooves in there somewhere.

So, a few nights of little sleep, but hopefully four completed tracks, but expect some rough edges; let’s say that those are caused by all the soul. Catch you on the flip side…”

Two days into things so far, and two tracks up on Amazing Tunes, two more to go and still just about awake…

Looking for singer/poet/MC/chanteuse

After really enjoying my -albeit brief- live set of more jazzy, downtempo, beat-poetry electronica this week, I’d like to spend some more time with this style and get a project underway. If you are or know anyone in the Edinburgh area who has something to say and can say it in a cool and hip-cat way and you think Monday’s sound has potential, get in touch through Facebook or Twitter. It would be nice to get a few regular gigs going…

Live downtempo set at The Skylark

I’ve missed playing live live. I love playing dj sets, but sometimes I’ve missed playing a bit more free and easy. So, I chanced a recent open mic night at The Skylark, a fantastic cafe/bar, recently and played (almost, there has been a bit of editing and a new intro- forgot to record the real one) this downtempo, trip hop-inspired set with some great beat poetry from the masters over the top of it.

Stick it on in the background late one night get your feet up with your drink of choice and I hope you enjoy. I think I might spend a bit more time on this style of music in the future and try and structure the next set with a few more actual ‘songs’. We’ll see how it goes…

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