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Grassmarket Jazz Release: Preview Stream

Release on Deep Nota exclusively on Traxsource on the 11th January, general release on the 25th.

Grassmarket Jazz- New Deep House EP Release on Deep Nota


“Fynn Callum’s latest release on Deep Nota maintains his reputation for jazz-infused deep house grooves. These two tracks are at that perfect foot-tapping and head-nodding tempo that fits that late-night bar vibe, keeping the hipsters and the jazzers happy.

In the opening track, Grassmarket Jazz, floating electric piano chords provide the foundation for the jazz guitar and horn section, with that old-school jazz sound remembered with those familiar upright bass sounds. The second track, Decision Waiting, takes things a little bit more late-night, driven by a growling house-organ bass and a heavier groove, tempered by a delicious soulful vocal and smooth trumpet line.

This latest release from Edinburgh’s Fynn Callum takes us back to the soulful, jazzy roots of deep house.”

Grassmarket Jazz is released exclusively on Traxsource on 11th January 2013 and is on general release on your outlet of choice from January the 25th.

Deep is the New Sh*t

So, after a thought-provoking tweet from Edinburgh’s wonderful Cabaret Voltaire, I think this might be my tune of the year: Evren Ulusoy‘s ‘Deep is the New Sh*t‘.

Redwood City EP out Now on General Release

With some great support from Amazing Beats (thanks Mark!), my first release on Deep Nota, the Redwood City EP, is now available from all good digital retailers!

Redwood City shows my love of the deeper and jazzy side of house music; from smooth electric pianos, lilting trumpets and soulful vocal accents inspired by the sounds of classic deep house to more progressive and contemporary driving basslines, chopped chords and breakbeats.

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